Monday, September 17, 2007

Shopping Obsession

Karen Pines For The Quaint Downhome Shopping Experience

NY Finest Had To Do Crowd Control After The Word Got Out
That Pet Was In Town And Ready To Shop!


I have a confession to make, Karen. Although I have a very un-addictive persona, gave up smoking by throwing the cigs out, I do have an addiction. I'm a shopaholic. Not like the one in the chicklit story though. I never buy stuff I can't afford. Part of this habit is I cannot buy retail. My credit card only comes out for bargains. I love shopping, not only for clothes but also food. But everything I buy has to be on SALE! I search the supermarket flyers, and clip coupons and then hit the stores with much gusto and glee. My closets, my fridge, my pantry and freezer overflow. What can I do about this obsession?


Don’t ask me. I tried to cure a friend of her shopping addiction and failed miserably. I attempted to wean her off her expensive shopping habit of buying retail. To me it’s a sin. I turned her on to some of my favorite designer for less spots like Loehmann’s but all she did was buy more stuff. I got a call from her husband informing me that if I gave his wife any more helpful suggestions about where to shop I was the one who was going to have to pay for an addition to their home.


Shopping for bargains in the boondocks is a science. Small towns around here usually have only cutesy boutique-ey kind of shops and so called Farmer’s Markets. At the real Farmer’s Markets good buys and fresh produce are available. Stay away from the knockoffs. If they sell from a store the produce probably comes from the same place grocery store stuff comes from while growers sell to local supermarkets at bargain prices. For new duds, good buys might necessitate a trip to the nearest mall (for us 45 minutes away) if you don’t mind out of season clothes. Here summer fashions are selling for 75% off and the temps are still above 90. And I do love Factory Store Outlets.


The only factory outlets we have around here are just big box shopping malls that call themselves outlets. Many are just a giant rip off. I’ve heard they actually have higher prices than retail marked down. Most of the designer label stores have over stock and several seasons old merchandise. In a town that judges you by what you wear, you will be busted for wearing two seasons ago faster than you can say Armani.

You have to work the outlets like you do the department stores. Buy during sales when the shops with the designer names are desperate to unload the merchandise. I admit you can get away with last year’s clothes here in the backwater, where the default outfit is jeans, not necessarily with a fancy label, topped by a tee shirt. When visitors from LA show up, their clothes look funny even though we know we’ll be wearing the same stuff two years from now. I really don’t like the all black Hollywood look.


Well black is becoming passé here so you must have had some behind the times LA visitors. Well, it’s still popular with the Goth’s. : ) What I like about shopping in LA is you can go downtown and buy the latest hot knock offs. You can get the top Oscar dress within two days of seeing it go down the red carpet. And after Paris or Milan fashion weeks it only takes another week before the knock offs start lining the streets of the downtown fashion district. So you really can be quite the fashionista on a budget if you know where to shop.


Don’t know where the good shopping in NYC is these days. I remember the stores on 14th Street where you had to try on duds right in the aisle and actually get into fistfights over cute garments. The days of heels and go to meeting attire a requirement for trips to the “city” are over. Last visit shorts and tank tops flourished. More than one fashionable chick sported cowboy boots with shorts. Strange, even though Lindsey or Britney might don same for the tabloids. Boots in the baking Southland, even for a fashion statement, are not for this transplant!


All this talk of shopping has got me thinking I better hit the road and scope out the latest knock offs from the New York collections. I have a tinsel town party this weekend and I better be prepared. Can never be caught wearing the same thing twice. But I’ll tell you my little secret. Always be sure to have at least one accessory that is real. It makes the rest of the outfit totally convincing. But shush… I didn’t tell you a thing. : )


I’m so far from the fashion centers I don’t even know what “real” accessories are. I guess you mean something you didn’t pick up at the State Fair craft show. Good luck on finding the perfect outfit. Meantime I’m hitting my town supermarket where they have jumbo shrimp on sale. Now that’s what we call a real downhome-shopping trip.


Wendi said...

Pet and Karen, you gals are crackin' me up! I love shopping too, anywhere and everywhere. I do try to make my dollar go as far as it can, but sometimes a girl's just gotta splurge! Mostly I splurge on jeans. I live in them, and no matter what price I pay, I know I'll get my money's worth. Even down here in the south Florida summer, I've got on my jeans most of the time! So if you see any great jeans on sale ... LOL!

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Oh, I'm so happy I have "real" accessories. More than one, in fact! My grandparents went to Turkey and brought back a genuine "amber" pendant. For graduation, they told me to go out and buy the ring of my choice. I chose an "amethyst" encircled in diamonds. As for boots, I LOVE them! But here on the Gulf Coast we only have a week of cold so I buy a $300 pair of boots to wear for one week a year. Oh, well. It's so worth it! Great blog, both of you! I'm enjoying it!

Fran said...

I am also a shopaholic-- I almost have to be as my constant dieting sends me up and down several sizes a year. After losing/gaining, those "old" clothes don't seem to fit right! Shopping is always a joy-- in the city or the country!