Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spine-chilling & Blood curdling

Seems the zombies have discovered Karen's house!

Pet's Fortune Teller Says: Be careful what you wish for,
 you might just get the Lexus of your dreams and the payments that come with it!


I don’t have to ask what you’re doing to celebrate the spooky holiday! Here’s my picture of your Halloween celebration. First off you spend days decorating your house into eerie ghostly perfection! Then you invite all your tinsel town buddies to a huge party. All the refreshments (delicious of course) fit the season…black stuff, body parts including eye balls and fall leaves everywhere except on your trees outside. And you’re drinking orange mohitas. Oh and being so close to Hollywood everyone arrives in a bloodcurdling costume looking like the real thing. Here all we do is shove some candy into a pumpkin for all the little gremlins showing up in dollar store costumes. Maybe we’ll sip the latest fast food item: pumpkin milkshakes.


Hum…..pumpkin milkshakes. Why do I have a feeling they might be a complete flavor disaster. : ) I think your picture is accurate of our Halloween festivities except for the party. No, here in the land of people who dare to be different, we are having a progressive candy extravaganza. We move from house to house handing out arms full of candy to the kids who swarm the street. The word has spread far and wide about our crazy tradition and SUV’s and mini-van’s start lining the street at 5:30. In our neighborhood ghouls and goblins have to be quick to get their treats as we are constantly changing which houses are handing out sweet treats. It’s tiring but great entertainment.  Especially aided by our heavily laced blood red vampire punch. Why let the kids have all the fun?


Hope that laced punch doesn’t go to the trick and treaters. I remember some years ago at a party we served two punches spiked and unspiked. You guessed it! They got mixed up and we had some happy little ones staggering around. Your neighborhood sounds like a fun place, but then what else can you expect from localities coming straight from central casting. Around here we let nature take over in the fall. No one could recreate the autumn leaves in the mountains to the east and on the plateau to the west. The bales of hay and the content cattle loving the colder weather, make the picture perfect. I wonder if Halloween wasn’t timed to come right as Mother Nature puts on her biggest show of the year. Certainly is a favorite holiday! Let the fun begin.


Don’t worry, we keep the spiked punch far away from the kidlettes. It’s stashed right next to the severed heads and eyeballs. : ) As for fall foliage, not much autumn color in this town. Little sprinkles here and there which can only be seen from the height of a freeway overpass. The only cows around here are on the labels of milk cartons. : ) One of the things I find amusing about the city is little pumpkin patches that spring up from gas station and drug store parking lots. Where once there was a field of pavement, now there is a large hay strewn pumpkin covered vision of the country.  I think it’s nice that city kids get to experience, on a small semi-Hollywood level, the joys of picking out the perfect jack-o-lantern. Of course on the down side, many of the pumpkins I see decorating peoples homes are not the genuine item, but plastic knock offs from China. So much for tradition.


Funny but California is the biggest milk producing state. I wonder where they hide the moo cows. Since the leading industry in the southern part of the state is movie making, and since scary movies are so trendy, I bet the costumes are awesome, complete with realistic makeup, ghoulish or bloody. Around here orange is in for fall.  Not for Halloween though. Orange is the University’s color and football is an obsession, even this year with the home team not doing so well. Hey and not only hats and tee shirts, but vehicles, houses, even painted pets. Everyone competes to see who can be the most orange. On game day loyal fans arrive at the nearby docks in orange boats, the Volunteer navy. So you can bet the little tricksters will be decked out in orange. Poor Jack O Lantern doesn’t have a chance.


Well, I have to say orange head to toe is usually a big fashion no no but when sports are involved all the “rules” go out the window.  As far as cows go, they no better than to stink up Hollywood. : ) But back to Halloween, yes, here in tinsel town Halloween is almost as big of a deal as Christmas. Some people go crazy and create huge graveyards on their front lawns and have giant spiders the size of Volkswagens spinning webs on their gingerbread covered Victorian porches. Oops that’s me. Lol  I’ve seen some very convincing ghouls and vampires walking down my street. I’m sure some parents pay to have the make-up professionally done for their little demons. The adults here usually dress up with the kids. They don’t want to miss an opportunity to ham it up. Nothing cuter then opening the door to a pair of father and son zombies happily munching away on severed body parts and taking a break just long enough to scream out, “Trick or eat.” 

Pet & Karen wish you a Scary Halloween!


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Fran said...

Now, I want to spend my next Halloween in Los Angeles! I would guess that the costumes are spectacular and that all is done with the Hollywood spirit. It must be a lot of fun. Our Halloween in Baltimore City is similar to Pets-- except we do get our share of trick or treaters...I must say its one of my favorite Holidays.