Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year & The Dreaded Resolution

We have New Years resolutions too!


Well Pet, it’s another New Year and another resolution list. But you know what? I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and boycott. Yep here in LA there is a huge movement afoot to say no to resolutions. At first I thought it was like saying you don’t believe in Santa Claus. : ) Then I considered all the benefits. No posting up some crazy list of things that I’ll never accomplish. On a good year maybe I’ll complete three out of ten things. Of course being a competitive person I try to top the year before so the list has become something like an episode of Mission Impossible! So the whole concept of not even having to sit down and compile the list has been a total relief. What about you? Want to join the movement?          


Sounds good to me, but too late. I’ve already started on my resolutions. This is the year I will lose those ten pounds I’ve resolved to for oh, about a million years now. No I’ll go ahead and lose twenty! And exercise…you bet. I’ll join that gym I’ve had my eye on and get a personal trainer and not only will I be thin but also fit. No more fast foods or anything else fattening. And my mind will be much improved in 09 as I resolve to read better books, maybe take a class or two…so easy now on line. Hey, maybe I can learn a musical instrument and a foreign language. I’ve been picturing the all new me for weeks now so how can I give the lovely vision up for some kind of crackpot movement? What do you think of the much improved person emerging at the end of 2009? Do you still think I should join the no resolutions team? 


Not to be Bah Humbug but your list sounds like my typical dream big list. Why not add in that you’ll get an extreme make over and win the HGTV Dream House? Lol Truly, I think a positive attitude is great. My way of staying positive this year is to boycott my resolution list and yours is to go for the gusto. We always knew we were opposites right? : )  I think especially this year with the way the economy is going it’s a smart move to look for ways to try to make the most of the world you can control. So I have a nice set of goals for 2009. Not resolutions, goals. : ) Actually I do want to relearn a foreign language as I will be traveling to France in October. With any luck this time I’ll do better than the C - I got in my High School French class. I also have some very ambitious writing goals. As for weight, I too would like to loose the 15 pounds I’ve been lugging around for several years. And I need to get back to my four times a week walks around the Rose Bowl. I know what you are going to say, “But Karen those sound like resolutions?” A goal by another name…. : ) 


Wow! Here I thought (hoped) you would talk me out of my resolutions to work on fashioning a new me in the New Year and instead you come up with all kinds of commendable “goals”. Let’s get one thing straight. No goals or resolutions should state winning the lottery or getting that book out from the box under the bed and immediately into print by a major New York publisher. We have to be in direct control of our resolutions or goals or promises or pledges or whatever you want to call them. We can guarantee the purchase of one lottery ticket a week (If you play…I don’t!) and pledge to take classes geared toward improving writing skills. So my ambitious list wasn’t a dream list. For instance – a favorite finished novel bought by a movie company…a dream! Taking a screen writing course, and querying Hollywood type agents …goals. Get the picture? Now I’m going next door and announce my resolutions to my favorite cows. The girls are always so agreeable. And maybe we’ll discuss a few of my dreams. 


Well, if your cows are anything like the cows back east I know what their goals are. Get milked!!!!!! I can see the resolution list too.

1. Stop chewing my cud 24-7.

2. Be the first in the barn everyday.

3. Find my own private meadow to graze.

4. Find a fly repellant that works! 


You’re not funning me about my lofty resolutions, are you? So I’ll make them really simple like my bovine friends. I will lose weight and congratulate myself for doing so. Even if I shed only three pounds instead of 30 I’ll pat myself on the back and treat me to a low cal snack. I will finish the novel I’m working on while not neglecting the non-fiction projects I’ve started. That should keep me busy and following through should keep me happy. I just might also resolve to stop agonizing over the goals achieved by some of my more organized buds who seem to do in a day what takes yours truly a month. Everyone has to work at her own pace as the contented cow says while slowly treading well behind the lead cow on the way to the barn. The main thing is slow and steady, the plodder gets there too! 


Yes, that’s the point in the end. Don’t beat yourself up if you only get three things done on your list. At least you tried. And although I’ve decided to go the boycott route this year that doesn’t mean I won’t work on my goals for 2009. This year though I’m not writing them down. They are firmly planted on my head. I only have four. Three that are realistic, and one that is pie in the sky. I mean last year gave me some hope. If Britney can lose a bunch of weight and look fabulous again, why can’t I? I think it will be interesting to see how many things I get done when they aren’t written down and plastered on the side of my refrigerator for all the world to see. Well, at least my hubby. : )

Wishing everyone much luck on their resolutions, goals, and dreams for 2009!!!!!! 


I second the good wishes to all for the New Year. May your goals be met and your dreams come true. Whether you live in the country or the city, whether you’re a transplant or a native, be happy wherever you are and whatever you do. 


Fran said...

Now I feel very motivated for 2009-- although I think it must be much easier to be a cow (I could achieve those goals or resolutions or whatever....)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love other people's resolutions. Don't spoil the fun by telling them they won't make half of them!

There aren't that many resolutions really. People just phrase them differently.

I think the only resolution people should make, and then try to keep is to be a better, kinder person in the coming year and to try and do the best they can in everything they do, every day.

But maybe that's way too ambitious, too.